Fracture, Deconstructed Artichoke Press

Published Work:

“A House on the Seam,” Spillway, Fall 2011.

“Manti,” in Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God, Fall 2012.

“Spilling Forth,” The Squaw Valley Review, 2012.

“Homeland,” Barrow Street, Winter 2013/14.

“A House on the Seam,” republished in Not Somewhere Else But Here (Sundress Publications, 2014)

“Post-Op,” Catamaran Literary Reader, Winter 2014

“Ear,” Eleven Eleven, Fall 2014

“Picasso’s Parts,” Southwest Review, 2014

“Patience,” Redactions, Issue 18, Summer 2014

“Visiting the Moon,” Natural Bridge, Fall 2014

“Milk,” The Squaw Valley Review, 2014

“If I hadn’t broken my hip” and “There is something about a beautiful woman on crutches,” The Fourth River, Spring 2015

“The Next Generation,” Smartish Pace, 2015

“Evening in Bethlehem,” So to Speak, Fall 2015

“Armenian Wedding,” Mid-American Review, 2016

“Armenian Hair,” “Armenian Restaurant in Arkansas,” and “Being Armenian,” Cream City Review (forthcoming)

“Monroe, Washington,” Best New Poets 2016 (forthcoming)

“After the Burn,” Quiddity (forthcoming)



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